“Let's get this over with shall we. I had a slight situation and now they think I'm mental”.

Jude has always known she doesn't want kids. Her sister Susie is unsure, but aware of the ticking of the clock. One day, in a café full of 'yummy mummies', Jude loses the plot and kicks a pram. Then gets arrested. Then gets sent to anger management. 

Vox Theatre presents the Sydney premiere of Sadie Hasler’s PRAMKICKER, a hilarious and confronting look at the modern woman’s struggle for meaning set to the soundtrack of her ticking biological clock.

Does having a uterus mean you need to use it? 
Can we separate biology from purpose and fulfilment? 
What does society expect from women and why? 

With biting comedy and evocative writing, PRAMKICKER is a celebration of female strength and fragility, and the ties that bind sisters. 

Director: Linda Nicholls-Gidley
Producer: Bella Debbage and Vox Theatre
Stage Manager: Hannah Tonks
Lighting Designer: Sophie Pekbilimli

with Vaishnavi Suryaprakash and Cecilia Morrow

Oct 24 - Nov 3

Wed-Sat 7.30pm plus Sunday 5.00pm


Vox Theatre is an emerging independent theatre company founded by actor, director and renowned voice, accent and dialect coach Linda Nicholls-Gidley. Vox Theatre has built a strong team of artists that tell stories through a female lens. We strive for an all-female, colour-blind creative team to put women’s stories front and centre, and encourage leadership of women in independent theatre in Australia.