Exit The King

by Eugene Ionesco

7 – 16 Mar 2019

Wednesday to Saturday 7.30 pm
Sunday 5 pm

Theatre Company: Théâtre Excentrique

Duration: Aprox 1 hrs 30 mins

Théâtre Excentrique brings Ionesco’s iconic play back to Australia in a new production featuring the baroque music of cellist/vocalist extraordinaire Sister Ursuline.

King Bérenger the First is dying. His kingdom is falling apart. He can’t rule over his army anymore, nor tell the rain to fall, nor the trees to grow. He is dying and there is nothing he can do about it. Queen Marguerite is keeping track of time. “You will die in 1 hour and 30 minutes!” But the king refuses to listen. He chooses instead to love Queen Marie. “1 hour and 13 minutes left!” The clock is ticking… Surrounded by his two wives, his cleaning lady, his doctor and a guard, Bérenger is learning to accept the inevitable.

This is Ionesco’s absurd style at its best: a meditation both burlesque and powerful on life, death and other incurable diseases.

Clay Crighton, Kirsty Jordan, Leof Kingsford-Smith, Josef Schneider, Gerry Sont and Alison Windsor
Accompanied by cellist and vocalist Sister Ursuline

Producer: Théâtre Excentrique
Director: Anna Jahjah
Assistant Director: Kris Shalvey
Stage Manager: Pauline Evans
Lighting Designer: Larry Kelly
Lighting Operator: Isabel Cendon Jordan
Set Designer: Anna Jahjah
Costume Design: Barbara Cohen & Théâtre Excentrique
Graphic Design: Clarisse Ambroselli
Production Photographer: Mansoor Noor

Ticket Prices
$38 Full / $28 Concession (+booking fees)

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